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12V 88 AH Sealed Gel (Pair) Batteries


12V 12 AH Sealed Lead Acid (Pair) Batteries




  • Constant Current, Constant Voltage
  • Designed for both Gel and AGM batteries
  • Suitable for batteries from 20 to 45 AH
  • Comes with an industry-standard 08-round 3-pin plug
  • 2-year warranty
  • Weight – 3 lbs


The MK Battery 24V Charger is an aftermarket charger that can be used with most mid-size power chairs and scooters. It is compatible with a range of mobility products from Drive Medical, Golden Technology, Drive, Pride Mobility, and other manufacturers. This charger comes with an automatic shut-off feature that ensures the batteries are fully charged, and it is important to select the correct plug that fits into your mobility unit for the charger to be compatible.

If you are not sure if your mobility unit is compatible with this battery please check the MK Battery Application Chart

What Makes It Different

The MK Battery 24 Volt 5 Amp charger is a versatile option suitable for a variety of mid-size power chairs and scooters. It can handle batteries with a capacity ranging from 20 AH to 45 AH, as well as all amp hours in between. This charger offers great flexibility in terms of charging requirements.

Why We Like It

The MK Battery 24V 5 AMP Battery Charger is an affordable, easy-to-transport, small, and lightweight option for mid-size mobility devices.



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Item BatteryCharger (Switching Mode)
Model 4F24040 4F24050 4F24060
Output Current(DC) 4A±0.2A 5A±0.2A 6A±0.2A
Charging Voltage(DC) 28.8V±0.2V
Float Charging V.(DC) 27.6V±0.2V
Input Current(AC) 4/2Amax.
Input Voltage(AC) 115-230Vac60/50Hz  (Manual Select)
Efficiency AC-DC  80%
Performance Switching  Mode
Charging Method Constant Current,Two Stage Constant Voltage
Battery Application 24V Lead Acid Batteries(20Ahr ~ 60Ahr)
Output Detection
  1. Short Circuit Detection
  2. Output Voltage/CurrentLimit
  3. Reverse Power Protected
  4. Overheat Detection
Operating Temperature 0℃~40℃
Measurement L 190mm×W 100mm×H 55mm
Weight 965g
Color Black




Warranty Information

A battery will be replaced with a free equivalent if it fails due to defects in materials or workmanship within thirteen (13) months from the date of installation. Proof of the date of purchase/installation is required for all claims.

This warranty does not cover failures in service due to the following conditions:

1. Unauthorized modifications or alternations to the products including the addition of any substance other than water to wet batteries or electrolyte (1.260 specific gravity) to dry batteries.

2. Negligence, accident, abuse, misuse including improper jump starting, or improper, unsuitable, or abnormal storage of the products.

3. Improperly installed or applied batteries. Improperly charged (either under or over) batteries.

Opening of batteries that are designed and intended for use as sealed products.

4. Physical damage due to acts of nature or man that stress products beyond design limits or other undesirable influences.

5. Normal “wear and tear”.

MK Battery shall not be liable to the purchaser/distributor, or any other person, either directly or by way of indemnification, for consequential, incidental, special, or direct damages, whether the claim for any such damages is based on warranty, tort, contract, or otherwise.



By MK Battery

Model No. LS24/5-08

  • Mid- Size Scooter and Power Wheelchair Charger
  • Constant Current, Constant Voltage
  • Designed for both Gel and AGM batteries
  • Suitable for batteries from 20 to 45 AH
Product Information
• Voltage :
• Works with Battery Type :
Gel and AGM
• Suitable for :
Mid- Size Scooter and Power Wheelchair Charger
• Output Current (DC) :
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